May 20, 2008 Regular Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the Mackinaw Township Board was called to order at 7:30 P.M. on May 20, 2008 at 10595 Wallick Road, Mackinaw City, Michigan.

Supervisor Dean led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Minutes of April 29, 2008 meeting approved as presented.

Roll Call: Present: Dean, Keck, Bertchinger, Rogala, Davis
Absent: None

Also Present: Scott Ingersoll, Daryl Vizina, Les Turner, Dan McDonough, Tim MacArthur

Agenda changed to allow candidates Ingersoll and Vizina to speak to the Board Members first.  Both of these men are candidates for Prosecuting Attorney in Cheboygan County in the fall election.  A review of each candidates past record education, and current position was brought forth as well as reasons each man felt he would be qualified to serve as Prosecuting Attorney.

Les Turner then brought the Board Members up to date on current situation with Mackinaw City Schools.  He explained why it is so important for the school to not lose any more tax appeals.  Because Mackinaw is considered an out-of-formula district, money lost on tax appeals such as the Enbridge Case is not made up with State funds.  Mr. Turner reviewed several past cases he has been involved with that have been settled with favorable results for the schools.  MacArthur responded by saying he felt he and Mr. Turner could work together and they would make arrangements to settle on a contract to be signed by the other entities involved (school and village) concerning their share of the costs involved.

Dan McDonough reported on current progress with Jack Pine Lumberjack Show.  He reported the buffer facing Wallick Road has been enlarged to cut down on noise for neighborhood residents.

Dean then reviewed the history of negotiations with the Village of Mackinaw for fire safety in the outlying residents.  Many of the township residents were in attendance because of their concern about this contract.  The current problems with the proposed contract were discussed and also the hope that a fire board would be established with members of Wawatam Township, Mackinaw Township and the Village of Mackinaw.  There is also hope that some way can be found to bill for auto accidents in Mackinaw Township to recoup some of the costs.

There being no further discussion, motion by Bertchinger, second by Keck to accept Fire Protection contract as presented. 
Roll Call: Davis – Yes, Bertchinger – Yes, Dean – Yes, Keck – Yes, Rogala – Yes.  Fire agreement approved.

MacArthur briefly reported on current tax issues still pending.  Little has changed since the April meeting.  One of the motels involved has had a chance of ownership but the tax appeal still stands.

Band Boosters calendars will be ordered with notices being the same as last year.

Membership in NEMCOG was briefly discussed.  Keck will report back on this at the next meeting.  Robert Hileman was in the audience and he reported that he is Vice-President of that organization and would answer any questions the Board might have.

Treasurer’s Report accepted as presented.  Motion by Rogala, second by Bertchinger to pay bills as listed.  All aye, motion approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 on motion by Davis, second by Bertchinger.

Jack A. Keck, Clerk