March 18, 2008 Regular Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the Mackinaw Township Board was called to order at 6:00 P.M. on March 18, 2008 at 10595 Wallick Road, Mackinaw City, MI., Dean led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present: Dean, Keck, Bertchinger, Rogala
Absent: Davis

Also Present: Scott Ingersoll and James Gilbert

Regular meeting recessed at 6:02 to allow for Opening of Public Budget Hearing. There being no Public Comment on the Pending Budget, Hearing was closed and meeting resumed. Agenda approved as presented.

Mr. Ingersoll addressed the Board concerning his candidacy for Prosecuting Attorney of Cheboygan County. He gave a brief review of his background and introduced his daughter who will be his campaign manager. He thanked the Board for allowing him to speak before them.

Next on the agenda was Mr. Gilbert who is running for District Judge which covers both Cheboygan and Presque Isle County. He also reviewed his educational background and the desire to serve as District Judge.

Minutes of February meeting approved as presented. Attorney Tim MacArthur then reviewed the current status of tax issues which have not been settled. Much discussion centered around the current issue involving the Court Yards of Mackinaw. Again, it was explained that the burden of proof is on the owners to prove the current valuation is not correct. As of yet, there has not been anything filed as to what the owners might think the value of this property should be.

The continued discussion concerning the Fire Agreement with the Village of Mackinaw did not serve to resolve all the issues the Board Members brought forth. The current agreement received from the Village is supposed to be returned within 40 days. This item will be tabled until the April Board Meeting. If necessary, a Special Board Meeting will be called to deal with this issue.

The General Appropriations Resolution was presented for action. On motion by Bertchinger, second by Keck this Resolution was brought before the Board.

Roll Call: Bertchinger – Yes, Rogala- Yes, Dean – Yes, Keck – Yes , Absent - Davis.
Budget approved as presented.
Resolution to approve Supervisor Salary for 2008/09 /Fiscal Year at $6493 was presented by Bertchinger, second by Keck.

Roll Call: Keck – Yes, Dean – Yes, Rogala- Yes, Bertchinger – Yes Absent: Davis
Resolution approved as presented.

Resolution to approve salary for Treasurer for 2008/09 Fiscal Year at $14,150.00 brought forth by Dean, second by Bertchinger.

Roll Call: Bertchinger- Yes, Keck – Yes, Dean- Yes, Rogala- Yes, Absent – Davis
Salary Resolution for Treasurer approved.

Resolution to approve salary for Clerk for 2008-09 Fiscal Year at $12,341.00 presented by Dean, second by Bertchinger.

Roll Call: Rogala – Yes, Dean – Yes, Keck – Yes, Bertchinger – Yes, Absent: Davis
Resolution for Clerk approved.

Resolution for per diem approval for trustees in the amount of $84.60 for the 08/09 Fiscal Year presented by Dean, second by Keck.

Roll Call: Keck – Yes, Dean – Yes, Rogala – Yes, Bertchinger – Yes, Davis – Absent
Trustee Salaries approved.

The responsibility for Homestead Compliance was first item on New Business. After preliminary discussion, motion brought forth by Bertchinger to cross check Homestead Exemption list with the Voter Registration. Second by Dean, all aye – motion carried.
Keck will supply Bertchinger with Current Voter List and she will review.

An order from the State of Michigan concerning Valot’s Party Store was discussed. This resulted in a fine for non-compliance by this establishment.

Motion by Bertchinger, second by Rogala that Spring Clean/Up will be established as the second Saturday in June. This will be June 14, 2008 , from 10:00 until 2:00. All aye, motion approved.

Dean reported on the Board of Review held in March. The final day to close these proceeding is March 26, 2008.

Treasurer’s Report approved on motion by Keck, second by Rogala. All aye, March Treasurer’s Report accepted.

Warrant List for payment of Bills approved on motion by Bertchinger, second by Keck. All aye, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned to the call of the Chair at 8:15 P.M.

Jack A. Keck, Clerk