January 22, 2008 Regular Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the Mackinaw Township Board was called to order at 6:00 P.M. on January 22, 2008, at 10595 Wallick Road, Mackinaw City, Michigan. Dean led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present: Dean, Keck, Rogala, Davis, Bertchinger

Also present: Tim Maylone, Eric Jacobson, Tim MacArthur, Roger Moore

Dean asked if there were any changes to agenda. As there were no additions or deletions, the agenda stands as presented. Board Minutes of November 19, 2007, approved as presented.

Tim Maylone representing Cherry Capital Connections addressed the Board. The information he distributed to the board members contained a brief history of the company, areas they now serve and possible plans that could deliver wireless internet to the rural Mackinaw township area. Mr. Maylone reported that he would be speaking at the Countywide MTA meeting on January 31st.

The agreement with the Village of Mackinaw to provide fire department service to the Township was brought before the members. Roger Moore, Supervisor of Wawatam Township explained the feelings of his Board Members. Tim MacArthur reviewed the contract sent from the Village to the Township. Mr. MacArthur felt the formula included in this contract was very cumbersome. It also does not allow for any input from the Township. Questions were also asked as to the liability of the township if there was a fire run by the Village Department outside of the Village. After further discussion, it was agreed that Dean would again attempt to get further information concerning number of runs in the township for the past three years and further negotiations concerning the formula used to calculate the costs.

Mr. MacArthur then reviewed with the members the latest Michigan Tax Tribunal Litigation. There are now seven cases on the list,, with three of them currently in settlement. The Courtyards of Mackinaw is the latest case. Because of the liability for the school district, they have expressed a willingness to join in the defense.

Keck reported on sessions they attended at the State MTA conference. They included Raise Your Voice in Washington, Shared Services, New Accounting Procedures, Official Deputies, Cable Franchises,Lawful and unlawful expenditures and two sessions on Election Rules & Laws. Copies of information received are available for anyone who wishes them.

The 2008 Poverty Exemption Policy as amended for the current year was approved on motion by Rogala, second by Davis. All aye, motion approved.

Board of Review training will be held on February 29th in St. Ignace. Dean asked Keck to make the reservations for four people to attend. Board of Review members will remain the same, Harwick, Cooley and Bertchinger.

Board meeting date for February was changed to Friday, the 22nd. The April Board meeting will be changed to the 29th.

Keck gave a brief review of the results of the Primary Election held on January 15th. He reported that 128 people cast ballots or 25.4% of the registered voters in the township. Of this number, 38 ballots were case for Democrats and 90 for Republicans. Keck also informed the members there will be three more elections this year.

Bertchinger presented Treasurer’s Report for November as follows:

December Treasurer’s Report:

Motion by Rogala, second by Davis to accept Treasurer’s Report – All aye, motion approved

Motion by Rogala, second by Davis to approve bills for December – All aye, motion carried.

Motion by Davis, second by Rogala to approve bills presented for January payment – All aye, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned to the call of the chair at 8:20 P.M

Jack A. Keck, Clerk