June 21, 2007 Regular Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the Mackinaw Township Board was called to order at 7:31 P.M. on June 21, 2007, at 10595 Wallick Road, Mackinaw City, Michigan. Dean led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present: Dean, Keck, Rogala, Davis
Absent: Bertchinger

Also Present: Nancy Campbell, Eric Jacobson, Tim MacArthur, Linda Socha

Agenda approved as presented. Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 15, 2007, and Special Meeting of June 14, 2007, approved on motion by Keck, second by Davis. Carried

Nancy Campbell reported on Library Happenings and distributed a brochure listing summer programs for children.

Tim MacArthur reported to the Board on current status of tax appeals on Superior Hotel and Morehouse Properties. It was reported that there are two more cases being filed. This brings the total to four pending after the two settled at the Special Meeting on June 14, 2007. Keck asked if some sort of report could be prepared for each Board Meeting, showing the progress of each of the appeals. Mr. MacArthur responded that he would make sure this was done before each Board meeting.

Keck reported on meeting he attended at the Mackinaw Library concerning census participation.

Dean reviewed the Annual Clean-Up Day activity. There were a total of 50 people bringing trash in, 4 from Mackinaw Township, 5 from Wawatam Township and 41 from the Village. A discussion was held on the possibility of doing something different in the way residents can dispose of the type of items they bring to Clean-Up Day. Jacobson reported that Tuscarora Township issues vouchers to people that can be used in Petoskey. This will be studied before it is time to schedule next year's Clean-Up Day.

Keck reported that he had received estimates from two different companies for lawn care. Motion by Keck, second by Davis to accept Evergeen to provide this service. All aye, motion carried.

Number of Road Commissioners is still being debated and will be on the agenda at the County Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday, June 26, 2007.

Policy on bidding for future contracts will be prepared and brought before the Board in either September or October.

Letter being prepared for distribution to property owners concerning roadwork was reviewed. Motion by Keck, second by Rogala to approve letter as presented. All aye, motion carried.

Motion by Davis, second by Rogala to accept notice being sent to Web Site concerning roadwork in the county. All aye, motion carried.

The property being foreclosed in Mackinaw Township has reverted to the State of Michigan.

Motion by Davis, second by Rogala to sign a contract with the Humane Society in the amount of $400.00 for the current year. All aye, motion approved.

Motion by Rogala, second by Keck to appoint Nancy Campbell as Library Representative for the coming year. All aye, motion carried.

Review of current liability insurance and a motion by Keck, second by Rogala to leave liability coverage at the current level. All aye, motion carried.

Treasurer's Report was next item on agenda and balances were as follows:

General Fund: $185,081.55 Liquor Fund $1,512.92
Road Fund $43,295.60 Improvement Revolving $65,043.18
Memorial Garden $299.13

Motion by Keck, second by Davis to accept Treasurer's Report as presented. All aye, motion carried.

Rogala, second by Davis, approved bills for payment in the amount of $16,554.15 on motion.

Roll Call: Keck - Yes, Dean - Yes, Davis - Yes, Rogala- Yes, Absent - Bertchinger. Bills approved.

Socha reported the township would soon receive information from Mike Overton concerning the recycling project. She briefly reviewed the history of this project and how it should work to be successful.

Meeting adjourned to the call of the chair at 9:15 P.M.

Jack A. Keck, Clerk