April 24, 2007 Regular Board Meeting

Regular Meeting for the Mackinaw Township Board opened at 6:00 P.M. on April 24, 2007, at 10595 Wallick Road, Mackinaw City, Michigan. Dean led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present: Bertchinger, Rogala, Dean, Keck, Davis

Absent: None

Also Present: Dan Trotochaud, Tim MacArthur, Linda Socha, Don Gladwell

Agenda approved as presented. Minutes of March 12, 2007 Budget Hearing and March 12, 2007 Regular Board Meeting approved on motion by Davis, second by Rogala. All ayes, minutes stand approved.

Don Gladwell, Government Relations, Charter Communications addressed the Board explaining new state law concerning franchising. The Board must act within time limits set by the law if they wish to have input. It action is not taken within these time limits, the law automatically takes effect. The decision involves whether the Board wishes to add a fee to the cost charged customers, which would be returned to the Township. This item will be added to the May 15th, 2007 Board Agenda.

Tim MacArthur then brought the Board Members up to date on several pending tax items. The appeal filed in the Superior Hotel Case is expected to be expedited at the State level and it is hoped that some decision will be reached in June.

In the case of the Northpointe Inn, talks have ensued that have brought the difference down to within $100,000. It is expected that Northpointe would be agreeable to the amount of $1,5000,000 as presented by the Township. Motion by Bertchinger, second by Davis to accept reduced SEV of $1,5000,000 for the Northpointe Inn. All aye, motion carried.

In the case of the Tri-City Hotel Group, the difference is far greater. It was suggested that another meeting be held with this group involving Bill Bertchinger, Eric Jacobson, and Tim McArthur.

The Morehouse versus township question was supposed to be been addressed by the State Tax Tribunal at a conference call two weeks ago. The call did not happen and MacArthur will try to find out where this stands at the State level.

MacArthur then reviewed his opinion concerning the Cable Franchise issue and elaborated on the new legislation.

Mr. Trotochaud addressed the Board briefly on the Superior Hotel Issue. He reviewed the proceedings as he felt they had transpired. It was brought to his attention that he had never appeared before the Board of Review concerning the assessment of this property.

Report from Dean and Rogala concerning cost estimate for constructing addition of storage space. The estimate from Architect Forum for drawings is $3200.00. Dean will review these costs with Architect Forum and report back to the Board.

The agreement for legal service for the coming year has not been received, so will be brought to the Board for action at a later date.

Newsletter was briefly discussed with the format agreed on. The current website will be copied to use for this purpose.

The question of increasing the number of CCRC Commissioners was again brought before the Board. This will eventually be brought before the County MTA group and a public hearing will be held before any action is taken.

County Master Plan will be put on hold until personnel changes are in place. Socha reported they had received many good applications for the position and someone would be hired in the hear future.

The matter of recycling for Cheboygan County was reported to the Board by Socha. She said there is a Committee working to put this in place and to contract with Emmet County. The question to be addressed is a surcharge added to tax bills to fund this and whether it would be possible without a vote of the people.

Under unfinished Business, Rogala reported on a meeting he had with Donna Beach concerning the gardens (including Memorial Gardens). The consensus was the garden should be moved to the yard between the building and the highway. The plaque would be mounted on a structure within the garden. Motion by Davis, second by Rogala to proceed with this plan, authorizing Donna Beach to expend up to $4500.00. All ayes, motion approved.

Keck reported on a procedure called Fog Seal that is being recommended for application on roads after the tar and chip has been applied. Final costs and review will be discussed at the May meeting.

The Annual Clean-up day is scheduled for June 9,2007. The location this year will be changed to lot behind the school.

Purchase of foreclosed property will be adjourned until location of property is determined.

Mackinaw Visitors Bureau request for financial support for hardware to be hung with Anniversary Banners was discussed. Because the law prohibits townships from donating this type of assistance, it was agreed that the Township could authorize the outright purchase of these hangers. Motion by Bertchinger, second by Davis that the township purchase up to $2000.00 worth of hangers. All ayes, motion carried.

Concern was expressed about current move to consolidate many of the township duties such as assessing, tax collection, etc. Motion by Bertchinger, second by Keck that a letter be drafted and sent to legislatures, and any other persons who might be involved in this decision. It should express concern that this move will not benefit the general public. All ayes, motion carried.

Motion presented by Bertchinger, second by Davis that procedures be established for the awarding of contracts in the future. This would include assessors, attorneys, auditors, and any other contractual service in the future. All ayes, motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report for March was accepted as presented. Balances shown were as follows:

Bills in the amount of $7,145.57 accepted as presented.

Motion by Davis, second by Rogala to publish a Thank you to Greg Yoder for his contribution to the township. He keeps the lawn mowed throughout the summer at no charge. All ayes, motion approved.

Road questions were briefly reviewed with the decision to have Keck contact Bob Lake and review areas that need attention.

Meeting adjourned to the call of the chair at 9:00 P.M.

Jack A. Keck, Clerk