July 6, 2005 Special Board Meeting

A special meeting of the Mackinaw Township Board was called to order by Supervisor Dean at 7:05 P.M. at 10595 Wallick Road, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Bertchinger, Dean, Keck, Rogala, Davis

Agenda was accepted as presented.

The purpose of this meeting was to consider the Revised Draft as prepared by Timothy P. MacArthur of Conditional Transfer of Property between Mackinaw Township and the Village of Mackinaw City. Supervisor Dean reviewed the correspondence received from firm of Bauckham, Sparks, Rolfe, Lohrstorfer & Thall representing MTA. This letter mentioned that a 425 Agreement is not the only way this request from Mr. Morehouse could be addressed.

The general feeling of the Board was that the 425 agreement was the best way if agreement can be reached with the Village of Mackinaw. A motion by Keck, seconded by Davis that the Revised Draft by changed in Paragraph 4 to The Village shall have the right to retain all taxes so collected, except school and county millage, and except for an additional 3 mills which shall be transferred to the Township. The motion further states in Paragraph 10 that the within Agreement shall continue in effect for a period of 25 years.

Roll Call Vote: Davis, Yes - Rogala, Yes - Keck, Yes - Dean, Yes - Bertchinger - Yes

Motion carried.

The issue of personal property revenue was then addressed. On motion by Bertchinger, second by Davis the Proposed Agreement will be revised to include the collection of 15% of the personal property tax on this property. All aye, motion carried.

The following motion was presented by Bertchinger, seconded by Davis, that the 425 Agreement as revised by the above-mentioned motions, be approved.

Roll Call Vote: Davis, Yes - Bertchinger, Yes - Rogala, Yes - Keck, Yes - Dean, Yes. Motion carried.

It was agreed that the revised date of December 31, 2005 would be included as the final date for approval of this agreement. This Transfer of Property shall only be signed upon the filing of a developer agreement, the terms and conditions of which shall be agreed upon by the Township and Village.

The meeting adjourned to the call of the chair at 7:55 P.M

Jack A. Keck, Clerk