Mackinaw Township - Cheboygan County, Michigan.On the Straits of Mackinac.
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Mackinaw Township - General Information

Mackinac Bridge Poverty Guidelines and Application
Blight Ordinance
Marijuana Establishments Ordinance
Opposition to Medical Marijuana
Township Location
Population & Census Data
Maps & Aerial Views
Police, Fire Protection & Library Services

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2024 Poverty Guidelines and Application

Blight Ordinance

Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana Establishments Ordinance

On January 15, 2019 the members of the Mackinaw Township Board voted unanimously to adopt the Prohibition of Recreational Marihuana Establishments Ordinance. This ordinance prohibits marihuana establishments within the boundaries of Mackinaw Township and provides penalties for violation of this ordinance.

Opposition to Medical Marijuana

On June 20, 2017 the members of the Mackinaw township Board went on record stating that they are not in favor of allowing any Medical Marijuana facilities in the township and will not be adopting any ordinances authorizing such facilities.

Township Location

Mackinaw Twp. is located at the northwestern tip of Cheboygan County. The northeast border runs along the Straits of Mackinac just south of Grandview Beach to the Mackinac Bridge. The SunRise Side Coastal Highway, (US 23) covers this section of the township and Michigan 108 is the westerly boundary. Hebron Township makes up the southern boundary.

Mackinaw Township Population & Census Data

As reported by the 2010 US Census Bureau Mackinaw Township had a population of 539.

Parcel Count on Township Tax Roll 2016:

  • Outside Village = Real 368, Personal 54, Exempt 94, Total 516
  • Within Village = Real 371, Personal 156, Exempt 31, Total 558
  • 425 Agreement = Real 73, Personal 0, Exempt 0, Total 73
  • Grand Total 1147

Complete demographics can be found by visiting the US Census Bureau.

Population/Growth Summary (Year/Pop.)

  • 1980/550
  • 1990/604
  • 2000/576
  • 2010/539

The following reports are from the 2010 Census:

Maps & Aerial Views

Police, Fire Protection & Library Services

The township pays an annual fee for fire protection to the Village of Mackinaw City. In August 2020 a six year, one-half (.5) mill proposal was approved for the purpose of providing funds to be used by the Township for fire protection services.

Police protection is provided by the Cheboygan County Sheriffs Department and the Michigan State Police.

"In August 2004 the Township passed a Resolution approving the District Library Agreement. In exchange for library services the township contributes an annual fee for the operation of the Mackinaw Area Public library. The main library is located at 528 W. Central Ave. Information about the services of the library may be found at the Mackinaw Area Public Library.